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Bituminous paste Waterproofing.

Brief Description
This is plastic emulsion thick coating on polymer modified bitumen base in top quality, crack bridging, one component that is trowel applied as a paste in single operation, directly on to the horizontal/vertical surfaces to be treated. Once the Bituminous paste thick coating has dried and cured, (depending on ambient moisture and temperature levels). Concrete screed or tiles and backfilling for vertical protection shall be done. Seamless Bituminous Waterproofing. thick coating is resistant to algae and microorganisms as well as salts. Bituminous paste Waterproofing is highly resistant to root penetration according to DIN 4062. This seamless waterproofing product is resistant to all kinds of ground water normally found according to DIN 4030. It is also puncture resistant. The solution thick coating is (Self Healing) when penetrated by a fixing. Condensation in treated surface is reduced by improved heat insulation vapor, and above all, it forms one continuous piece (without joints) long lasting watertight barrier.

The subsurface must be clean and solid, free of oils, fats and released agents. Bituminous paste waterproofing can be applied on slightly wet/moist surface. The subsurface must be solidly filled and leveled. Projecting seams and the remains of mortar should be removed. Prior to application of the bituminous paste corners and edges, especially on floors and cantilevered slabs should be removed. Use Seamless Bituminous Waterproofing directly from container without stirring.



Sulfiton ( Seamless Bituminous Waterproofing )


Solvent-free, polymer-modified bituminous thick coating with polystyrene, 1K

Application rate
Approx. 1.2 l/m2/mm dry layer thickness

Range of use

Property profile

Characteristic data of the product

The values stated represent typical characteristic data of the product and are not to be understood as binding product specifications.


Substrate requirements Level, mineral substrate.

Load bearing, clean and dust-free.

Prepare concrete substrates in the wall/base transition region by means of mechanical abrasion.

Slightly damp surfaces are permitted.

If necessary, provide protection against rear moisture penetration.

Substrate preparation

Remove burrs and mortar residue. Chamfer or break off edges and comers.

Use a suitable mineral mortar to round off inner corners.

Seal up cavities > 5 mm with mineral-based material.

Apply a scratch coat of the product as a contact layer and to prevent bubbles.


The product is ready to use directly from the container.

Remove dried material adhering to the edge of the bucket.

Apply the material to the prepared substrate in two layers in accordance with the applicable regulations.

If necessary, embed reinforcement fabric into the first waterproofing layer.

Tips on use

When using liquid waterproofing materials, exposure to direct sunlight and/or wind can accelerate skin formation and cause blistering.

Once the previous layer has set sufficiently, apply further waterproofing layers.

Protect the dry waterproofing from mechanical damage and UV radiation.