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KR 024

Versatile application: slurry, trowel or spraying

The multi-functional capabilities of KR 024 rapid shine through even during application. The material can be taken directly from the container without the need for mixing. The mixing step required for 2-component materials can be omitted. Users who opt for a manual method can apply the product with a trowel, as a slurry, or with a roller. Application as a slurry is recommended for difficult-to-reach transition areas and small spaces, such as wall positioning areas, along plinths or for render waterproofing. If only some of the product is used, there is no material loss. KR 024 can be stored in the open container for later use.

On larger surfaces, we recommend applying with a smoothing trowel or layer thickness trowel, or mechanical application using suitable spraying technology. With low dripping losses and high stability, the material is soon ready for overcoating, as well as being exceptionally efficient. To meet weather-related requirements, the rain resistance of the surface can be activated at an early stage with KR 024


Multi-functional use as building waterproofing with ground contact

Building waterproofing has entered the post-bitumen era, and the next generation of products centred on KR 024 is growing continuously. KR 024 rapid is an incredibly easyto-use, catalysed, one-component system that sets new standards in waterproofing.

As a fast-setting polymer thick coating, KR 024 rapid unites the properties of flexible, crack bridging mineral waterproofing slurries and polymer-modified thick bitumen coatings (PMBCs).

KR 024 rapid is suitable for sealing walls and floor slabs in areas with ground contact in new buildings, as well as for horizontal waterproofing in and under masonry walls. Plinth waterproofing and component connections to floor-to-ceiling window and door elements and penetrations can be waterproofed so that no rear water penetration can occur. The polymeric one-component thick coating is also suitable for subsequent, WTA-compliant exterior waterproofing of areas with ground contact in existing buildings. KR 024 rapid is ready to use and is characterised by a long open working time. Excellent processing and drying performance can be achieved thanks to the advanced dispersion component. 

In terms of crack-bridging and performance, the product surpasses even tried-and-tested polymer-modified thick bitumen coatings (PMBCs). The polymer binder and the special fillers of KR 024 rapid result in a high degree of dry residue.

Solid state properties such as early bond strength on all substrates, not just mineral substrates, have been proven toexceed the product-specific requirements.

Proof Of Safety

Product was tested and certificated by building authorities as: