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WH 019 WATERPROOF COATING (20 Kg Excellent Heat Reduction / Reflection

Brief Description
Protec WH 019 is an acrylic base waterproofing and heat reduction material designed for roof protection from moisture and rain , in addition it reduces the surface temperature which help reduce the electrical bills . It is environmentally friendly non toxic water base material with flexible properties and UV resistance.

Surface Preparation

Intended Surface must be cleaned properly and free from oil , dust , protruded particles and remove any foreign material.

  • Surface shall be washed with water if necessary and wait until it is
    dried before application.
  • Repair all types of concrete cracks
  • Make sure tiles are not loose . Apply new tile grouting before
    application if it is necessary.
  • All surface must be solid and prepared well for effective results .


  • Apply first coat.
  • Apply second coat after 4 to 6 hours , depending on the temperature ( avoid applying during rain period ).
  • Depending on surface types , apply third coat if necessary to achieve good effective long lasting results.
  • One KG / 2 to 3 SM approximately for each coat , depending on surface absorption.
  • Ready for foot steps after 24 hours , depending on temperature.
  • Customer is fully responsible for any misuse of the material.


  • Flat and Inclined Exposed Roofs.
  • Old & New Roofs.
  • Over Tiled & Concrete Surfaces.
  • Protection Of Polyurethane / Foam Heat Insulation.


  • Brush
  • Smooth Roller
  • Special Spry Gun @ Medium pressure
  • Safety Gears as necessary


  • Store at room temperature
  • Shelf life is one year


Protec WH 019 is none toxic none flammable . Avoid contact with skin .